Monday, October 10, 2011

Just the usual craziness…

When you spend countless hours sitting on the couch with your kiddo while they do two breathing treatments a day – sometimes you just have to act ridiculous to help the time pass by quickly :)

who knows

Monday, October 3, 2011

Why Hello There Fall

Happy October!!!

And yes, I managed to miss the entire month of September! I’m so mad at myself that I may go back and insert posts so that I can still reread those stories in the future!

My DSLR isn’t working – something to do with the lens, and I haven’t taken the time to bring it in and get fixed – thus the lack of blog posts. Trying to catch up…here a couple of tidbits from the past few days…


This past weekend Casey and I went to a friend’s wedding up in the Twin Cities, and Gavin had a busy weekend with his Grandpa and Grandma. Needless to say, after too much fun for the parents and kiddo, Sunday was full of naps – including an impromptu nap amidst the fun of play doh…

Sleeping at table
Sleeping with Daddy
Sleeping on couch

We’ve been blessed with some amazing weather over the last week. Warm enough to have the windows open during the day, and cool at night resulting in perfect sleeping weather. We’ve been spending as much as possible outside enjoying the 80 degree sunny days (because we all know that snow is most likely just a few weeks away) but we’ve also spent plenty of time snuggling under blankets in the cool evenings.

Lately, Gavin and Louie have become the best of pals. Constantly wrestling, playing fetch and snuggling…

with louie

It is so much fun to watch the two of them play together – and makes it clear that every little boy should have a dog! What a relationship those two have!

And to leave you for the day – and I promise not another month - We were able to  enjoy an unplanned afternoon away from daycare and spent some time running around the local zoo!

under tree


Happy Fall!