Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tomorrow’s Flash

Tomorrow’s flash for Flash Me! Friday…

Let’s see your “fall decor!”

What fun stuff have you put up around the house celebrating the change of seasons? Do you go over the top? Or just put out a couple of trinkets?

Let’s see what you’ve got!


On Tuesday, Gavin and I trekked over to the…


It was an absolutely gorgeous fall day. Low sixties, and sunny.

zoo 24
zoo 25

I managed to take over 100 photos of my little man, but no worries, I won’t overload you with all of them! :)

The second we arrived, Gavin begged to get out of his stroller, and since we were the only ones there, he was able to run around to his heart’s delight.

zoo 1  freedom!

Many of you may have heard about the horrible flooding that our part of the country encountered late last week. The road to this particular zoo had been flooded, so I think that most people still thought the road was closed…in fact, even though the water had receded the signs were still up…which (lucky for us) made for a beautiful, quiet experience with all the animals!

zoo 2 

It was a blast to see how much Gavin has grown (we hadn’t been since spring)…and to watch him climb the fences, and peer over the barriers on his tippy toes.

zoo 34zoo 10zoo 36I can see you Mr. Badger!

They had several new exhibits, which included chickens, that hopped in and out of the fences…

zoo 4zoo 5
zoo 7
why, hello there

Goats, that came running (and bleeting) towards Gavin…

zoo 8zoo 9

And a donkey that he couldn’t feed fast enough!

donkey 2donkey 3
donkey 4donkey 5

Across a small street, the other half of the zoo is mostly wide open…with large roaming areas for white tailed deer, bison & elk.

zoo 12

But of course, Gavin was more enthralled with the ability to run free!

zoo 16
zoo 21

I did slow him down just enough to get some close ups :)

 zoo 19
zoo 20
zoo 22
smiles 3

We finished up our day by exploring an old, well-preserved home on the premises.

zoo 26
zoo 30
zoo 32
zoo 29

And as we left, Gavin walked as slowly as possible. Gazing towards each of his newly found animal friends…he gave them each quick wave & a shout of “bye!”…and he made me realize, that these simple days, when we don’t spend even a penny…will create some of the best memories :)

zoo 35

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Over the last couple of months, several of my fellow CF moms have been discussing the point of life that I am dreading.

That age where our little CFers figure out that they’re different. Where the questions begin. Where our answers will be uncertain.

Quite often, I “forget” about CF. And for those of you who don’t live with CF everyday…you might have a hard time understanding that. With all the extra pills, vitamins, and inhaled meds he takes everyday, plus the vest…it’s a lot. But to us, it’s normal. And we do our very best to make sure that he feels normal.

But our Gav man is developing into a smart little boy. He walked early, talked early…and I know it won’t be long until those questions begin. And I’m not sure if I’m ready for it.

This little boy is my life, and while I do my very best to remain positive 95% of the time…that other 5% is back there hiding, coming out when I least expect it.

It’s not uncommon for mom’s to wish & pray that they could slow down time…to keep their little ones little for just a little while longer.

For me? I wish I could freeze time…keep him little, innocent and “healthy.” Freeze time until that cure is here. Freeze time so he never has to ask those questions. Freeze time so I never have to answer them.

sill boywalking with flag

Monday, September 27, 2010


Being away from Gavin for three whole nights was tough! Yet, it felt good to put mommyhood on the back burner for a long weekend. I had forgotten how quickly I could run out the door!

My cousin Lacey’s wedding was one of the most fun events I have ever been a part of!

 wedding party 33wedding party 1Lacey and Jen 2 wedding party 22 

The drinks were flowing…the dance floor was packed with sweaty, happy friends and family…and the bride and groom were glowing with happiness.

Today, I am still tired…yet Gavin doesn’t seem to catch on that mom wants to take it slow today :) It’s a stunningly beautiful fall day in Rochester…we might have to head to the zoo!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Flash Me! Friday

Interested in what everyone else lives like?

Curious to see where others live, but don’t feel comfortable asking?

Want to take a peek into your friend’s home….who lives across the country?

Then join along in our weekly blog hop!

This week's flash....your View!

What does it look like where you live? If you look out the window/head outside…do you see houses? Trees? Businesses?

This week I’m in Dubuque, IA for my cousin Lacey’s wedding day. So obviously, the view out my window is quite a bit different!

view 1view 2view 3

This is the second time that Gavin will be staying with Grandma and Grandpa for the weekend…but this is also the first time that I’ll be away from him for three nights! Was kind of tough to leave, and I miss him tons already, but it does feel good to get a break from mommyhood.

Last night, was also the first time in nearly two years that I was alone. No Gavin in the next room…no Casey next to me (he gets down here today) and I slept like crap. Lonely I guess?

Thank goodness there is coffee in this beautiful room!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I am just that today. A beauty.

Here I sit with half dried, uncombed hair, big baggy shirt, pajama pants, and kleenex shoved up my nose. (C’mon, you know you do it too).

But hey, at least I showered! Right?!?

And apparently Gavin has no idea that me not feeling well means that he needs to be on his best, quiet behavior. Instead, he has chosen today to be a great day to be a silly, hyper maniac running laps around our house.

As I jump up to chase him off the kitchen table, out of the laundry room and to prevent him from throwing things in the toilet…I lose that beloved kleenex out of my pockets. Quickly to be scooped up, and chewed up by our rambunctious terrier, Louie. It’s a circus around here today.

I’m sure I’ll think it’s funny when I’m feeling better….right?!? :)

On a different note…we are getting our engagement pictures shot a week from Friday. Cara came highly recommended by several friends and we are both excited for her to capture images of our excitement over our engagement, and she is including a few family shots for no extra charge!

But…I have no idea what to wear…or if we should do something creative? Fall will be in full swing by that time (the leaves are already starting to change) so I definitely want something “fallish” but not too “themey.” Anyone have any good ideas for us to coordinate, but not match? Whether it’s an idea for shots of just the two of us, or for the family images…let me know what you got!

And before I say goodbye for the day…Gavin thought he would show you his yogurt eating skills.

IMG_2688 IMG_2686

I mean, why use a spoon when you have a perfectly good set of fingers?!?

Monday, September 20, 2010

This time.

Sleepless nights? Crabby toddler? Runny nose?

Hmm…the flu season must be here. Hooray. (insert sarcasm here)

Saturday night, we had 2 other couples come over for a few drinks, watched some football and just hung out. Yes, I have a loud voice…but Gavin never wakes up from a deep sleep to the sound of people talking. On Saturday night, he woke up twice while our friends were over.

Mommy instinct kicked in and I knew that something was wrong. I gave him some tylenol, figured it was teething…hoped & prayed that he wasn’t getting sick…and stuck him back in bed. About 30 minutes later, he was crying again.

Casey was convinced that it was the loud voices, but about 45 minutes after everyone had left…he was up again. Several times throughout the night he woke up in tears.

Ugh. I just knew he was sick.

Yesterday he was all sorts of goobery…but luckily no real coughing. And just when we thought we got his appetite back where it should be…a little (maybe even extra) chunk on those bones? Bam! Appetite gone. But who can blame him? Whenever you’re all stuffed up, everything tastes like cardboard. Back to square one on the “chunk Gav up” routine.

Every mommy’s heart sinks when their little one gets sick…but for a CF mom? It’s even worse. Every sneeze, every cough, every temperature…you wonder…how bad is it going to get this time. How many extra rounds of the vest do we need to add to his daily routine this time. How many calls back and forth between the CF clinic will need to be made this time.

But luckily for us, this time he seems to be doing better already today. But this time I think it’s because he gave it to me.

Scratchy throat? Itchy nose? Case of the sneezes?

Dammit. It’s making its way around our home.

But it’s always better for it to stick with me…than him!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Oops! It’s Friday!

So on Tuesday…I thought it was Thursday. Yesterday, I thought it was Friday. Today…well I don’t think I even thought it was one day or another!

But I forgot that it’s Friday. Whoops, my bad!

So let’s do this…flash us with whatever is near you, around you…etc.

My camera battery just died, so you’ll have to live with a picture from my cell phone :)


This is typically what the top of our coffee table looks like. Pushed stuff around just enough for a spot for my feet :)

Why the heart around the coffee you ask?!?! Because Pumpkin Lattes are backkkkkk at Caribou for the season! My true love of fall, and most favorite flavor of all!

And took me this far into September to get one!

So….what’s around you on this fall Friday?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Those bins!

I may have only been a mom for a little more than nineteen months…but it didn’t take me long to catch on that most of the overpriced, uncreative toys are…well…unnecessary!

I have a lot of fun trying to find simple little things, that allow Gavin to use his imagination…and that don’t put us in the poor house!

Every now and then I get spoiled, and get an evening “away” to peruse Target or Michaels (last night I got to go to both…alone!!! woohoo!!) and I always check out those bins.  You know….the dollar bins! To be honest…Michael’s tends to have the “cooler” stuff, and last night was no exception.

Bet you can’t guess the secret identity of the toddler behind the (one dollar) masks!

cat mask

frank mask

ghost mask

Maybe next year we’ll get extra crafty and make the masks ourselves :)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Serious Business

Around here…

coloring 1


coloring 2

Is serious business.

coloring 6

Picking the perfect color…

coloring 5

finding the best coloring page…

coloring 4

and paying extreme attention to detail

coloring 3

results in one happy, silly little boy

coloring 7