Monday, December 5, 2011

New Room & Snow!

This past weekend was an exciting one for our little guy – not only did we get our first major snowfall (looks like this one will stick around) but we surprised him with his new big boy bed!

It’s amazing what a difference a different bed and a little rearranging can do to a room.

The before:

old room 2
old room 1

The after:

new room 3
new room 2
new room 1

Neither his dresser or armoire were originally blue. I bought the armoire off craigslist and painted it blue earlier this year (it was an ugly mix of pinks and blues). We received his dresser from Casey’s parents as a present when I was pregnant, and while it matched his crib it did not match his new trundle bed (which I bought off craigslist – perfect condition, handmade & from a very expensive store for less than $100!) so I went ahead and painted it blue. I am thinking about buying new knobs for each, but for now the brown works!

I thought I’d have a tough time moving him out of the only bed he’d ever known – but his excitement trumped any of my worries. Little did he know that this would be his last night in his baby bed…

last night in toddler bed   

And his first night in his new big boy bed was a total success! He never fell out and he’s so excited about it that he asks to go to sleep!!!


Like I mentioned before – Gavin also got his other wish this last weekend…snow!

We completed our first “frosty da snowman”

 with snowman

And spent a lot of time “shoveling,” aka moving snow around – but at least he’s getting the idea and little does he know that his lungs are getting a great workout!

playing in snow
shovel 1shovel 2
shovel 3shovel 4

The crisp air, and snow covered ground has made it finally seem like Christmas is coming!