Thursday, April 28, 2011

Where have we been?

We’ve been…

Putting on more child safety locks


Dealing with snow at the end of April


Pretending it’s warm outside and diving into ice cream cones


Getting dressed up to see the Easter Bunny


Jumping on bubble wrap


Getting spoiled on Easter


Blowing bubbles







Acting cute


And getting hooked up with a new trike
for being so awesome with all the new daycare kids!


Hopefully that catches you up.
In other words…we’ve been busy :)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Little update!

As much as I’d like to get back to posting everyday, life is getting in the way!

We’ve been busy around here. Sorting through (still) unpacked, random boxes from our move a year ago. Quickly finishing up some extra baby proofing so I can pass the county inspection for daycare licensing. I am finally getting better at fulfilling Gavin’s needs while balancing an infant on my hip.

And oh yea, Gavin started swallowing his enzymes!!

Goodbye applesauce! Until now we were opening up each of the six capsules into applesauce every time he ate. Now? He tosses back all six pills, and swallows them with one big gulp of juice. We obviously started with him swallowing one at a time, but he’d rather just do them all! It’s pretty funny to watch such a little guy do such a big kid task, but we’re so proud of him!

We didn’t use a straw, or have him try the pill with applesauce, in this house it was all or nothing! We waited until he was ready to do this on his own, forcing him wouldn’t get us anywhere. Now he asks for his pills before he eats, smart little bugger! We did get a couple of looks from a nearby table at Perkins last week as we were cheering him on with the pill swallowing, but I guess that is something we’ll just have to get used to.

We’re using the same approach to potty training. He’s interested in it, and knows what it means, but at this point he’d rather deal with the diaper. Sure, I’d like him out of diapers but he has enough on his plate right now, that we’re willing to be as patient as he needs us to be.

Our next step is switching him into a toddler bed. Yes, he is still in a crib. But he sleeps so well and has not asked about a big boy bed, nor has he tried to climb out. So again, no rush!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


In the CF community, oftentimes the parents of CFers and adults with CF butt heads. Not always, but it happens.

I thrive on learning new information about Cystic Fibrosis, but I hate getting preached to. I don’t need someone on my back constantly saying, “this is how you need to handle this situation.” It’s hard enough tackling typical parenting issues, but add CF parenting issues on top of it? It can bring on pure drama between the mamas. Combine drama mamas with adults who have lived with this disease their entire life…not so fun sometimes…

Therefore, when I meet (often virtually) an adult with CF who listens, gives advice & yet doesn’t make me feel like it’s their way or the highway…I’m beyond thrilled.

There are several such individuals in my life, who I respect more than they know. They allow me to dive into the CF world of unknowns and only pull me up (often sputtering) when I get in over my head. They allow me to struggle, to learn, and to thrive without shaking their finger at me saying, “I told you I knew better than you,” aka “I told you so.”

None of them thrive on being a “CF celebrity.” Each person has created their own niche in this world, and each has proven to me that yes, CF is demanding and often a pain in the ass but that yes, life is more than Cystic Fibrosis.

These individuals are those that give me hope for Gavin’s future. They are not shy to admit their mistakes. They don’t stand on the top of a mountain shouting their successes (although sometimes I think they should, they well deserve the admiring attention). They are regular people, living (pretty) regular lives and just trying to make a difference in this little place called Earth.

So Josh, Tara, Stacey and Aimee please know that your advice, dedication, empathy, and strength does not go unnoticed. Please know that I look up to you and admire you. Please know I am well aware that without the failures & triumphs each of you has endured, that my little guys future would be bleak. Please know that I plan on each of you living to be 100 so that I never have to go a day without your knowledge…maybe a little selfish but too bad, I need each of you :)

Without people like you my life wouldn’t be where it is today, cautious but extremely optimistic :)

Thank you

Monday, April 11, 2011


On Saturday evening we joined our neighbors for a pizza dinner and headed over to the bull riding championship that was in town.

To be honest I don’t know what was more fun,
watching the bulls…

bull 2

Or watching Gavin’s facial expressions as he enjoyed the show

watchingwatching 2
watching 4watching 3with daddy

If Casey ever decides to participate in “mexican poker,”
he can assume he’ll be single following the event

poker 1
poker 2
poker 3

The crowd really got into the little tikes riding the sheep,
this little guy was a crowd favorite.

He started off well…on top of the sheep

 sheep 1
but as the sheep turned the corner he slipped to the side,
yet managed to hold on for dear life for the duration of his time

sheep 2

It was a really fun night out, and was definitely fun to do something totally different than our usual routine!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

raindrops, sunshine & ice cream

catching rain 1

catching raindrops

catching rain 2

catching raindrops with a cup


more appropriately dressed for the weather…
(full ensemble by Gavin: please email if you’d like him as your stylist)


and catching raindrops with a ladle
(all “catching items” picked out by Gavin himself)


currently, the sun is shining
it’s 83 degrees
and it’s a perfect opportunity for an ice cream snack

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Gavin’s fibro Asher

Just watch it.

Gavin and all of his CF sisters and brothers need YOUR help. Please click on the Great Strides image below to donate.

Your money DOES make a difference. 90 cents of every dollar goes directly to research.

Look who can do his treatments…

almost all by himself!

I’ve gotten Gavin to hold his own mask for nearly half of his 30 minute treatment time!

doing treatment

I know there are different straps out there to hold “bubbles” to his face (he’s even a “model” for one of the websites) but this kid has decided he wants nothing to do with any sort of strap holding it to his face…so, we’re working on this strategy for now. And for now it’s working.

As I start watching more kids during the day, this independence will come in handy! Plus, its never too early to start teaching him how to manage his own treatments/care. We plan on him spending the majority of his life outside of our home & guidance (yep, that means he’s gonna live a  long, longgggg time! screw you CF!!!) so we hope that if we start teaching him self care from the beginning that he’ll always know it’s not an option& it’s a part of his life.

And don’t forget…it’s Great Strides time. Click on the image below to donate! We’re nearly halfway to our goal…the person that gets us to the $1500 point gets a FREE “Gavin’s Groupies” t-shirt (with a surprise bonus gift as well!!!)

Great Strides

Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend Fun

We lucked out with a beautiful spring weekend, which coincided with the season opening of our local zoo’s farm area, filled with baby animals. The Minnesota Zoo is worth every penny and we try to make it a couple of times a year.

We saw monkeys


Walked through bamboo


Sat on statues


Posed by statues


Checked out some bears


And peered into huge aquariums



Then it was time for some Minnesota farm fun, which my Midwest boy enjoyed the most!


Posed for some silly pictures


And actually remembered to get a photo of all three of us!