Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Look who can do his treatments…

almost all by himself!

I’ve gotten Gavin to hold his own mask for nearly half of his 30 minute treatment time!

doing treatment

I know there are different straps out there to hold “bubbles” to his face (he’s even a “model” for one of the websites) but this kid has decided he wants nothing to do with any sort of strap holding it to his face…so, we’re working on this strategy for now. And for now it’s working.

As I start watching more kids during the day, this independence will come in handy! Plus, its never too early to start teaching him how to manage his own treatments/care. We plan on him spending the majority of his life outside of our home & guidance (yep, that means he’s gonna live a  long, longgggg time! screw you CF!!!) so we hope that if we start teaching him self care from the beginning that he’ll always know it’s not an option& it’s a part of his life.

And don’t forget…it’s Great Strides time. Click on the image below to donate! We’re nearly halfway to our goal…the person that gets us to the $1500 point gets a FREE “Gavin’s Groupies” t-shirt (with a surprise bonus gift as well!!!)

Great Strides

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