Monday, April 11, 2011


On Saturday evening we joined our neighbors for a pizza dinner and headed over to the bull riding championship that was in town.

To be honest I don’t know what was more fun,
watching the bulls…

bull 2

Or watching Gavin’s facial expressions as he enjoyed the show

watchingwatching 2
watching 4watching 3with daddy

If Casey ever decides to participate in “mexican poker,”
he can assume he’ll be single following the event

poker 1
poker 2
poker 3

The crowd really got into the little tikes riding the sheep,
this little guy was a crowd favorite.

He started off well…on top of the sheep

 sheep 1
but as the sheep turned the corner he slipped to the side,
yet managed to hold on for dear life for the duration of his time

sheep 2

It was a really fun night out, and was definitely fun to do something totally different than our usual routine!

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