Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Quick Update & Photo Dump

Today is our last “real” day before the school season begins. Tomorrow we’re taking  a long five day weekend to just relax and play!

I cannot believe that my little buddy is already old enough for preschool! Starting next week he’ll be in school, Sunday school, taking swimming lessons and starting gymnastics – he’ll be busy but the extra exercise will be perfect for his lungs! The trick will be getting him from place to place – it’s extremely difficult when both parents work, the number of evening activities in our city are extremely limited. I can only imagine how much harder it will be when he is older and possibly has siblings!

The pediatric Kalydeco study is finally moving forward – we should be able to begin within the next 4-8 weeks. I cannot even explain the relief we will feel when he is on that miracle drug! When Gavin was born, we were told this drug was something that was possibly attainable by his high school years – and just 3 1/2 years later, in his preschool years – he will be starting an amazing medication. We feel beyond blessed.

And now – a small photo dump from my iphone, from some of our summer adventures. We’re ready for the brisk air of fall – but not quite ready to say goodbye to the summer fun – bittersweet!


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

National Night Out 2012

national night out

Last night we hosted the annual National Night Out block party for the second year in a row. Once again we were blessed with some fantastic weather! Considering the heat wave we dealt with most of the summer, mid 80s felt perfect!

As usual, it was an evening filled with potluck food, drinks and great conversation! A first for this year? I asked all of the kids to decorate their bikes/wagons/scooters so we could have a mini parade around the neighborhood. I was psyched when the big kids (middle school and older) joined in on the fun! No one was too cool for the parade!

 Natl Night Outnatl night out 5Natl Night out 11natl night out 9

We were also lucky enough to be visited by a team of local fire fighters again this year!natl night out 4

When they arrived they stated that they knew they needed to stop by because we were their rowdiest bunch last year – a fact that didn’t surprise any of us in the least!

natl night out 7natl night out 3natl night out 10

The air was filled with the sounds of adults happily enjoying a drink with friends, the screams & laughter of kids as they played tag in our back yard, and the contented coos of our newest six week old neighbor. All in all, a wonderful night!

As the evening turned into dusk – everyone slowly packed up their things and headed home. We are very lucky to live on such a friendly block – where everyone knows everyone and the kids are able to run free between yards. After a tie for a win for best block party across our city last year – we’re hoping that we can pull off a solo win for 2012!

Natl Night Out 2

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Heise Reunion 2012

Why hello there blog – it’s been awhile. We’ve been having so much fun this summer, that I keep running out of time to post!

Last Thursday, Gavin had an amazing CF check up. He went from the 30th percentile (height to weight ratio) to the 48th percentile! Hooray! We also got a tentative start date for the pediatric Kalydeco trial – but I’ll wait to post more on that until we are more definite on the details.

We also loved Gavin’s instructions for his care between now and his next visit

stay awesome

After clinic, we headed up north for our annual Heise reunion, with a pit stop at Lake Mille Lacs to check out the view

 Mille Lacs

We were missing quite a few faces this year, but we still managed to have a bunch of fun!

heise clan

One of Gavin’s many firsts of the weekend, was getting the opportunity to shoot an air rifle (with assistance of course!).

casey gav shooting

And he did really well! Just look at that target!

gav target

All of the family members took a turn at shooting, including my grandmother – Go Gramma, Go!

Gma shooting

After each shot Gavin and my Aunt Joly would run up to the target to point out the results

checking target

Gavin also jumped off the dock for the first time. His fear of the water sees to have completely disappeared – much to this mama’s delight!

Jumping in Lakekicking

Our fearless buddy also tried out tubing for the first time. While I was concerned he would panic, he just kept yelling, “faster! faster!”

Gavin me tube
mom and gav tubing

His ride was certainly a lot tamer than the rides that some of us adults went on…

David Casey tubeMy brother on the left, Casey on the right

lacey jen tube
Me on the left, cousin Lacey on the right

david and jessica tubing
My brother David and his girlfriend, Jessica

Along with all the fun in the water, Gavin got plenty of time playing in his “sand pit.” I am pretty sure I used an entire spray bottle of ‘Shout’ trying to get his clothes clean!

buriedWhile digging, we heard Gavin yell, “Look at all these golf balls I found!” Low and behold, he had dug up a nest of turtle eggs

Turtle Eggs
All in all it was a fun weekend, with perfect weather, filled with many fun activities.

Fishing with Uncle PatGavinjohn deere
Casey JenFamily of 3

Thank you to my cousin Lacey, for taking so many fabulous pictures!