Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Little update!

As much as I’d like to get back to posting everyday, life is getting in the way!

We’ve been busy around here. Sorting through (still) unpacked, random boxes from our move a year ago. Quickly finishing up some extra baby proofing so I can pass the county inspection for daycare licensing. I am finally getting better at fulfilling Gavin’s needs while balancing an infant on my hip.

And oh yea, Gavin started swallowing his enzymes!!

Goodbye applesauce! Until now we were opening up each of the six capsules into applesauce every time he ate. Now? He tosses back all six pills, and swallows them with one big gulp of juice. We obviously started with him swallowing one at a time, but he’d rather just do them all! It’s pretty funny to watch such a little guy do such a big kid task, but we’re so proud of him!

We didn’t use a straw, or have him try the pill with applesauce, in this house it was all or nothing! We waited until he was ready to do this on his own, forcing him wouldn’t get us anywhere. Now he asks for his pills before he eats, smart little bugger! We did get a couple of looks from a nearby table at Perkins last week as we were cheering him on with the pill swallowing, but I guess that is something we’ll just have to get used to.

We’re using the same approach to potty training. He’s interested in it, and knows what it means, but at this point he’d rather deal with the diaper. Sure, I’d like him out of diapers but he has enough on his plate right now, that we’re willing to be as patient as he needs us to be.

Our next step is switching him into a toddler bed. Yes, he is still in a crib. But he sleeps so well and has not asked about a big boy bed, nor has he tried to climb out. So again, no rush!


  1. Question is, will he ever eat applesauce again? :)

  2. That is fantastic that he is swallowing his enzymes! I was thinking the other day how nice it will be to not buy 23,000 applesauce containers a month :)

  3. Great job. I wish Emma would take an interest in swallowing them. Last time I tried to coax her, she bit me. LOL So she will do it when she is ready.

  4. Toddler bed... Swallowing enzymes... whats next? Way to go lil guy!

  5. Congrats Gavin, what a big boy!!

  6. Awesome! I'm so happy for you guys! Yay, no more enzymee applesauce. :)