Monday, September 20, 2010

This time.

Sleepless nights? Crabby toddler? Runny nose?

Hmm…the flu season must be here. Hooray. (insert sarcasm here)

Saturday night, we had 2 other couples come over for a few drinks, watched some football and just hung out. Yes, I have a loud voice…but Gavin never wakes up from a deep sleep to the sound of people talking. On Saturday night, he woke up twice while our friends were over.

Mommy instinct kicked in and I knew that something was wrong. I gave him some tylenol, figured it was teething…hoped & prayed that he wasn’t getting sick…and stuck him back in bed. About 30 minutes later, he was crying again.

Casey was convinced that it was the loud voices, but about 45 minutes after everyone had left…he was up again. Several times throughout the night he woke up in tears.

Ugh. I just knew he was sick.

Yesterday he was all sorts of goobery…but luckily no real coughing. And just when we thought we got his appetite back where it should be…a little (maybe even extra) chunk on those bones? Bam! Appetite gone. But who can blame him? Whenever you’re all stuffed up, everything tastes like cardboard. Back to square one on the “chunk Gav up” routine.

Every mommy’s heart sinks when their little one gets sick…but for a CF mom? It’s even worse. Every sneeze, every cough, every temperature…you wonder…how bad is it going to get this time. How many extra rounds of the vest do we need to add to his daily routine this time. How many calls back and forth between the CF clinic will need to be made this time.

But luckily for us, this time he seems to be doing better already today. But this time I think it’s because he gave it to me.

Scratchy throat? Itchy nose? Case of the sneezes?

Dammit. It’s making its way around our home.

But it’s always better for it to stick with me…than him!


  1. I completely agree! I hope you and Gavin feel better soon.

    Emma got better on Sunday morning and then worse Sunday night. Now she is coughing. Every cough jolts me out of sleep. :(

  2. Sending you healing thoughts and prayers! Hope you all better soon. Lori

  3. We've got the cold bug going around here too. I seriously sound like a man. I don't know what it's like to have a child with CF, to have that constant worry and all of the other added stressors. Fortunately and unfortunately my eyes have been opened up to the CF community so much more in these past two years. It's obvious to me that you are an incredible mom to Gavin and you seem to be doing SUCH a good job of keeping him healthy and fighting off these nasty bugs. You deserve a huge pat on the back. Just thought I should tell you that :-)

  4. I hope you two get better quickly. And I know what you mean Courtney has been having fevers off and on and coughing her and there and eating only when she feels like it.

  5. We've got the same thing going on here - we've been passing the junk back and forth for three weeks now! Sending lots of healing thoughts to you both, and some extra hungry thoughts to your little man!

  6. Oh Man! I hope you and Gavin feel better soon.

  7. Aww poor little guy...Hope the entire family bounces back quickly!

  8. Ugh, poor Gavin!! Hope he gets through it quickly :)