Friday, September 3, 2010

Flash Me! Friday

Interested in what everyone else lives like?

Curious to see where others live, but don’t feel comfortable asking?

Want to take a peek into your friend’s home….who lives across the country?

Then join along in our weekly blog hop!

This week's flash....your “extra” room!

Whether it’s a rec room…bonus room…guest bedroom…let’s see that extra space!

One of our “extra” rooms is our large basement rec room/playroom. It has two halves…one side is Gavin’s area to run around and/or for him to hang out as his table and color/paint.

Let’s be honest. Could walls be any more boring? Probably not. But, the previous owners finished off this part of our basement themselves and did a horrendous taping job. So we’ll need to get everything sanded down & retaped…meaning there is no way I’m going to spend anytime repainting (I want it to be a shade of olive green) or hanging anything on the walls knowing that I’d just have to redo it all!

Also on this side of the room, our “office” area. Which has never been set up! Ha! We never use our old desktop computer anymore so maybe we just need to get rid of this stuff…that doorway leads to a storage room.

Behind the computer is the stairway that leads upstairs…if that gives any of you (esp those who have seen lots of pics of our house) a better idea of the layout of our home.


Did you notice the red lamp on the desk? It’s battery operated and lives in our basement. We’ve had some pretty crazy summer storms, so I always wanted to make sure we had better back up than a normal old flashlight!

The other side of the rec room holds our sectional couch, more of Gav’s toys, and our tv & fireplace…oh, and Gavin’s vest :) This is where we do his treatments 2x a day.


I can’t wait to curl up on the couch in front of a warm fireplace on a cold winter day!

Gavin and I spend a lot of time in this area of our home. And I love that it is out of sight so he can tear it apart and I don’t feel the need to clean it right away :)

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