Friday, September 17, 2010

Oops! It’s Friday!

So on Tuesday…I thought it was Thursday. Yesterday, I thought it was Friday. Today…well I don’t think I even thought it was one day or another!

But I forgot that it’s Friday. Whoops, my bad!

So let’s do this…flash us with whatever is near you, around you…etc.

My camera battery just died, so you’ll have to live with a picture from my cell phone :)


This is typically what the top of our coffee table looks like. Pushed stuff around just enough for a spot for my feet :)

Why the heart around the coffee you ask?!?! Because Pumpkin Lattes are backkkkkk at Caribou for the season! My true love of fall, and most favorite flavor of all!

And took me this far into September to get one!

So….what’s around you on this fall Friday?

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