Tuesday, September 7, 2010

State Fair time…and other stuff :)

I meant to post yesterday…I really, really did.

But then, on Sunday night I decided to have a good time as the neighborhood celebrated the last weekend of summer break…and tried to pretend I was college aged again. Needless to say, I woke up yesterday feeling like crud.

But then…had lunch and felt fantastic! And then…wham! I started to feel just horrendous. Couldn’t stand up, couldn’t shower, couldn’t even lay in bed without feeling like I was going to be sick. I knew it wasn’t just being hungover, but I couldn’t figure it out. Then, Casey noticed that the hamburger buns were slightly moldy…and yes folks, I had a hamburger, with one of those buns, for lunch.

So, my last day of the holiday weekend was spent in bed, a little of it just being hungover…the majority of it with mild food poisoning.

But, enough of my complaining…I am on the mend and besides yesterday we had a fantastic weekend!

Saturday, we headed off to the State Fair. If you’re not from Minnesota, you really won’t understand why we get so excited to go. Everyone hits up the fair at least once during it’s 10 day run. And we lucked out with the best weather for it! Upper 60s/lower 70s, a breeze and no humidity! (yep, fall is here!)

And per their most recent facebook posting, the State Fair had 1,776,211 visitors! And that doesn’t include all the kids under 5 that are free!

We had an absolute blast, despite the crowds, and Gavin got to enjoy several big time Minnesota fair, firsts!

Gavin went on his first ever carousel ride

carousel2carousel3 carousel5carousel7

He danced & ran around
to some live music


Chowed down on fair food

eating eleph ear

Ran into a friend

Gavin and Juliet

Went on his first two carnival rides
in the kids midway

ridin with mom
ridin with mom 3riding with mom 2

Went down the Giant Slide for the first time
(150 feet long, 50 feet high, 30 feet wide!)

slide 2
slide 1slide 3slide4

Hung out with Dad & watched the boys
at the skate park

 watchin skatingwith dad

Watched his first ever parade

watching parade

By the time we left (nearly 6 hours later!) he was spent!
This is the look I got when we got into the van


followed immediately by this.
I think that means he had a great time!


But let’s be honest…how could you ever not have fun when you get to hang out with this, adorable blue-eyed little man :)



  1. ahh your pics are too cute..... Love those baby blues!!!

  2. Man those eyes are gorgeous!!! Looks like you guys had fun. We are going to the fair at the end of the month. A family tradition. :)