Monday, September 13, 2010

Our latest food finds…

We’ve been struggling with Gavin’s weight lately. And not because of an issue with enzymes or anything CF related (we think), but because he has decided to become uber picky, and won’t eat anything!

Definite panic mode for us around here, but (knock on wood!) our creativity seems to be working and we’re starting to find things that he will shovel down.

Step 1. Find the highest calorie/fat filled foods possible. He won’t eat a lot of anything, so the more calories/fat we can stick in those little bites…the better! And if it’s not already high calorie/fat filled? Figure out a way to make it so! (Adding butter, creams, oils, etc)

Step 2. Get creative. We’ve gone outside our box of usual staple foods, have let him use utensils on nearly every meal, let him help us “prepare” his food etc, add decorative sprinkles, etc.

Step 3. Let him have a small opinion on what he wants. Emphasis on small. He’s not able to pick out the main course of his upcoming meal, but we do let him pick out the sides. Corn or green beans? Banana or peaches? Ice cream or smoothie? While either of his choices will give him relatively the same nutritional benefits, he feels like he has some control over his food choices.

Step 4. Do not force them to eat anything. This was the hardest for us. We desperately want him to eat, but we cannot allow it to become a daily battle. We try a few different options, but we are not a restaurant and I am not a short order cook. If he won’t eat it, he leaves the table. We wait an hour or two, and try to introduce a meal again.

Through our own searches, along with the help of other CF moms/dads we’ve discovered a few high calorie & fat filled foods that a toddler loves.

First off, we found this buttery spread at our local Walmart. My biggest pet peeve with regular butter is that it won’t spread! This spreads just like margarine, but has the necessary high calories. Also has flax seed & is great source of Omega 3s.

  • 80 calories, 80 fat calories
  • Total fat per serving: 9 grams

IMG_2619 IMG_2621

We found two different Greek yogurts that Gavin loves. To find these, you’ll most likely need to hit up your grocer’s organic section and will have to hit up a regular grocery store rather than a Walmart/Target. A big plus of the Greek yogurts? They are thicker than a typical yogurt, so more of it makes it from the spoon into the mouth…instead of the lap or the floor!

This first one, Liberte, is a little bit cheaper & has fruit on the bottom.

  • 250 calories, 130 fat calories
  • Total fat per serving: 14 grams


This second brand, The Greek God’s was a tad more expensive and the flavor is mixed in. This is the honey flavor (another CF mom told me the pomegranate flavor has more fat but we couldn’t find that one).

  • Calories 250, 130 fat calories
  • Total fat per serving: 14 grams


This Dannon DanActive drink has some calories, but we bought it more for it’s benefits. It contains probiotics, and helps to boost your immune system…we gotta get ready for the upcoming flu season (shudder). Gavin gulps this stuff down with his snacks! I highly recommend it!


Hope this helps out a few of you…and helps other CF parents to avoid the struggles we’ve faced!

*I was not asked to discuss these food items, nor was I paid to endorse them.


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    Thanks for the post. What are you guys doing down in Rochester??