Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I am just that today. A beauty.

Here I sit with half dried, uncombed hair, big baggy shirt, pajama pants, and kleenex shoved up my nose. (C’mon, you know you do it too).

But hey, at least I showered! Right?!?

And apparently Gavin has no idea that me not feeling well means that he needs to be on his best, quiet behavior. Instead, he has chosen today to be a great day to be a silly, hyper maniac running laps around our house.

As I jump up to chase him off the kitchen table, out of the laundry room and to prevent him from throwing things in the toilet…I lose that beloved kleenex out of my pockets. Quickly to be scooped up, and chewed up by our rambunctious terrier, Louie. It’s a circus around here today.

I’m sure I’ll think it’s funny when I’m feeling better….right?!? :)

On a different note…we are getting our engagement pictures shot a week from Friday. Cara came highly recommended by several friends and we are both excited for her to capture images of our excitement over our engagement, and she is including a few family shots for no extra charge!

But…I have no idea what to wear…or if we should do something creative? Fall will be in full swing by that time (the leaves are already starting to change) so I definitely want something “fallish” but not too “themey.” Anyone have any good ideas for us to coordinate, but not match? Whether it’s an idea for shots of just the two of us, or for the family images…let me know what you got!

And before I say goodbye for the day…Gavin thought he would show you his yogurt eating skills.

IMG_2688 IMG_2686

I mean, why use a spoon when you have a perfectly good set of fingers?!?

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  1. I have been meaning to comment here and tell you how much i appreciated your post about finding the whole fat yogurt. I looked in our local HyVee's organic section and what do you know.....We too have that same brand here. I tried the pomegranite kind and it wasn't the best......kind of smelled like vinegar - but Miss Rylee really likes the big container of Honey & Strawberry. It is magically very good - If I could only eat it too! Yum. - I'm glad your gavin likes the stuff too! and Thank you again! Hope you feel better!