Thursday, September 30, 2010


On Tuesday, Gavin and I trekked over to the…


It was an absolutely gorgeous fall day. Low sixties, and sunny.

zoo 24
zoo 25

I managed to take over 100 photos of my little man, but no worries, I won’t overload you with all of them! :)

The second we arrived, Gavin begged to get out of his stroller, and since we were the only ones there, he was able to run around to his heart’s delight.

zoo 1  freedom!

Many of you may have heard about the horrible flooding that our part of the country encountered late last week. The road to this particular zoo had been flooded, so I think that most people still thought the road was closed…in fact, even though the water had receded the signs were still up…which (lucky for us) made for a beautiful, quiet experience with all the animals!

zoo 2 

It was a blast to see how much Gavin has grown (we hadn’t been since spring)…and to watch him climb the fences, and peer over the barriers on his tippy toes.

zoo 34zoo 10zoo 36I can see you Mr. Badger!

They had several new exhibits, which included chickens, that hopped in and out of the fences…

zoo 4zoo 5
zoo 7
why, hello there

Goats, that came running (and bleeting) towards Gavin…

zoo 8zoo 9

And a donkey that he couldn’t feed fast enough!

donkey 2donkey 3
donkey 4donkey 5

Across a small street, the other half of the zoo is mostly wide open…with large roaming areas for white tailed deer, bison & elk.

zoo 12

But of course, Gavin was more enthralled with the ability to run free!

zoo 16
zoo 21

I did slow him down just enough to get some close ups :)

 zoo 19
zoo 20
zoo 22
smiles 3

We finished up our day by exploring an old, well-preserved home on the premises.

zoo 26
zoo 30
zoo 32
zoo 29

And as we left, Gavin walked as slowly as possible. Gazing towards each of his newly found animal friends…he gave them each quick wave & a shout of “bye!”…and he made me realize, that these simple days, when we don’t spend even a penny…will create some of the best memories :)

zoo 35


  1. This looks like a wonderful zoo and the photos are beautiful. I really love the one of him standing in the doorway.

  2. It really looks like the two of you had a wonderful day. And, I agree, your pictures are beautiful! And, it really is the simple days that mean the most! Thanks for sharing!