Thursday, September 2, 2010

Up and Down

As you can see by yesterday’s post, Gavin has mastered the stairs the “grown up” way.

As proud as I am, it’s also really nerve-wracking. When we moved into our current home, Gavin was good enough with the stairs (crawling style) that we never put up a baby gate…but now I’m starting to think we need one.

Not only does he walk up the stairs “normally…” IMG_2387
he walks down them that way as well…


Casey and I both have mini panic attacks when we catch him attempting to go down by himself.

But, it does make going to the park a little easier. He can quickly climb/run to the top of the play equipment and get on the slide all by himself. Now I can easily bring him by myself, instead of needing a partner (one to help him to the top of the slide, one to catch him at the bottom).

So needless to say, we’ve spent a lot of time at the local parks the last couple of weeks…especially now that fall weather has started to kick in!

Our Favorite Park
the “big kids” side


part of the “little kids” side
(did you spot Gavin?)


the barn, on the little kids side


There are animals hiding in every
nook & cranny throughout the park…


Lovin’ those baby blue!


ridin’ the “neigh”

And our favorite past time…
the swings


Call me crazy, but I am soooo ready for fall! I cannot wait for the crisp morning air, the changing leaves, and to pull out all of my warm, comfy sweaters and jeans!

And yes, I know that winter isn’t far behind…but we’re ready for that too! Time for sledding, skiing, Santa Claus, snowman building and more!

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  1. What a cutie! He'll have those stairs mastered in no time! I took our baby gates down when Jack started walking up and down them because he tried to A) push the gate down and B) climb over the gate. Sadly, having him tumble down solo was a safer bet for me. Now that little Finn is mobile, I'm debating on ever taking the gates out - just because then Jack would be trapped.