Thursday, September 9, 2010

Bieber Fever

Gav might only be 19 months old…but that doesn’t mean he’s not one hip toddler!

He loves his high top Chucks

He loves all of his clothes from Baby Gap…

And he loves anything having to do with Justin Bieber.

He constantly runs around the house screaming, “Baby…Baby…Ohhhhh!” (the lyrics to one of his songs) and points to the tv saying…”Baby, Baby ON!” – or - “watch Baby!”

I made the mistake of showing him that the video was playing on our cable On Demand this month, and I think we’ve just had to watch it about 12 times today.

I dare you to try to turn on a different artist. He’s ok with switching up the song (kind of) as long as Bieber is singing…but if you try to head him in a different musical direction an immediate breakdown/tantrum/scream session will occur.

Well…except for Dave Matthews…he could sit and “drum” with his Dada to that all day long.


Like I said, he’s one hip toddler :)

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  1. Very hip toddler! Crazy that I read this post today - just this morning, I caught his "Happy Birthday" commercial for the American Cancer Society and I thought to myself "Oh, NOW I get it".