Monday, March 26, 2012

Time is flying by

We are still here! And we have been blessed with some insane weather! Excluding today (it’s rainy & cold) we’ve been enjoying sunshine and seventy+ degree weather!

Whether it’s been coloring with chalk (the hat is a “fashion statement” not a necessity)


Playing hopscotch


Heading to the park

parkswinging 2swinging

Or sneaking in some late night hockey in the garage

hockey boy 2hockey boy

We’ve thoroughly been enjoying our escape from hibernation. While we had a mild winter, the gloomy skies that February brought had taken it’s toll on all three of us. Tempers flared more quickly, and crabbiness was prevalent. This sunshine was a necessity for our sanity!

Unfortunately, this activity


Led to this

sick in bed

With a combination of a cold and some serious spring allergies, Gavin has felt pretty awful today. I ended up spending the night on the floor of his room so that he wouldn’t wake up his dad…who started a new job today!

Gav has done his best to keep his spirits high, but an obvious sign that he’s not feeling well is his choosing to spending hours in (my) bed, when he could be playing with his daycare friends that are over. We snuck in an extra vest treatment, but he is getting old enough to realize that they make him feel better, and he didn’t complain once. It definitely helped that I told him he could lay in my bed while doing so!

I am ready for my happy, crafty little boy to be back to his old sweet self!


With our medical bills high, and money tight -  we weren’t able to get too far away for a spring trip but will get a chance to hit up the Dells in just under a month. It may not be a tropical locale, but it is away from home and all three of us could use a break from life!

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