Sunday, February 10, 2013

He turned FOUR!

Not quite sure how time flew so quickly, but my little buddy turned four! He had quite the few days of celebration. Since Christmas he has been begging us for a Kindle of his own, and his wish came true!


We let him open it the night before his actual birthday so that he could bring it with him to his CF clinic if we had a lot down time.


I had hoped to get more pictures of him at his clinic visit – but it was a long, long day. He was really scared throughout a lot of it (I can’t blame him!) and he would barely leave my arms the entire time we were there. It was a long morning on all of us – an extra thank you to his team for their patience!


His CF team threw him an impromptu birthday celebration where they all came in and sang, gave him gifts and everyone signed a card. We are so lucky to have such a great team!

After clinic we headed over to the Children’s Museum in St. Paul.


Headed home to open a few more presents and enjoy birthday cake


Present from London from Unc


Enjoyed a birthday party with his daycare friends


Even though the weather prevents several friends/family members from his birthday party – our four year old was thrilled with his Spiderman themed party! Including the impromptu cupcakes, as the “real” ones got stuck in the Twin Cities!


After all the celebrations ended, Gavin told me it was his best birthday ever – but he can’t wait for his “five” birthday, and has already started a list of present ideas!

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  1. Love the party decorations! He is so handsome. :)