Thursday, May 9, 2013

Catching Up

Finally. Spring.

After a snowstorm at the beginning of May left us with 15.5 inches of snow – we’re finally past one of the worst winters I can remember.

Mother nature really messed with our heads this year

Tuesday, April 30th


Thursday, May 2nd


Sunday, May 5th


Yep, shoveling snow in shorts. That pretty much sums up the last month or so!

In the midst of this we had our FIFTH Great Strides Walk! Once all the checks are deposited, we will have raised nearly $7,000! Thank you so very much for your generosity! We feel very blessed to have so many people fighting alongside us to keep our kiddo healthy and strong!

This year Gavin really understood that the money we raised was for him – and as much as it breaks my heart that at 4 he already understands his life will always be a fight for health, it makes me proud that he is becoming just as determined as we are to work hard and raise awareness.


It was far from being the warmest weather we’ve walked in…


But we trudged through the slush & snow! Another successful walk in the books!

And thanks to a group on Facebook filled with fellow CF mamas – I became aware that this little guy was “free” for our our family since Gavin uses the Hill Rom vest. Gavin named him Button, and loves that he’s no longer the only one with a vest in our house!

At four, he’s already beginning to learn to read. He’s working hard on sounding out the letters and trying to come up with the word. I love listening to him in the evenings as he lays in bed (after we’ve read him his stories) trying to reread some of his favorites on his own.

He’s fascinated with simple addition & subtraction problems and when watching a sport on tv he can quickly figure out who is in the lead, by how much & what the other team needs to do to catch up/win.

His imaginary friend, “Brainy,” (quite the name I know, he must be smart!) makes an “appearance” fairly often these days. Gavin loves to pretend that he’s playing sports with this buddy and talks about him often. Thankfully we haven’t had to set a plate for Brainy at the table! (yet!)

Getting him back inside when he’s playing outside is always an adventure in itself. This kid loves the outdoors – especially when he’s playing some sort of sport. He still loves to drive his John Deere tractor around the yard, peddle his bike around the cul-de-sac, play in the sand at the park  and swing on our swing set in the backyard.

As much as he doesn’t like doing his vest he rarely complains about it. As long as he’s got the cartoon of his choice on tv, he calmly & bravely sits for each thirty minute session!

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