Friday, February 25, 2011


When Gavin was first diagnosed I used to whisper in his year, “You’re going to grow up and cure your own disease.”

Two things about that. First, at the rate medical advances are headed, there is a real possibility that his disease will be “controlled” before he’s even old enough to enter medical school…possibly even elementary school! Secondly, he’s smart. Really smart. I am just going to continue to have high hopes and dreams for Gavin because so far he has far exceeded every expectation Casey and I have had for him.

This morning at the pediatrician Gavin correctly pointed out every color, shape & letter hanging on the wall…in front of the pediatrician. She just looked at me and said, “whoa.” (A good whoa) And then commented, “he’s beyond speaking in mere sentences, he’s speaking in paragraphs!” Every mom wants to get this kind of report. It’s beyond satisfying to hear about your child succeeding, and definitely makes me feel like we’ve been doing something right. The hours of “learning” have definitely paid off. But, at the same times it’s a bit scary! A smart toddler is dangerous! They can easily outwit you and are extremely sneaky!

Gavin loves going to the doctor, not kidding. Yesterday, I went to an express clinic to get some antibiotics for myself (nasty sinus infection) and Gavin was irate that the appointment wasn’t for him. He made the physician assistant listen to his heart and look in his ears as well…needless to say the PA thought it was hilarious! Today was no different, he was so excited to have an appointment of his own. When I told him he was going to have a shot he looked at me and said, “me get band aid and sticker mama, me otay!” He proudly stood still to get his height & weight measured and when they finished he proclaimed, “looks excellent!” (Ha! Think he’s had that done a time or two before?!!?) I’ve decided that being upfront and honest with him about going to the doctor, what they are going to do, and that he’ll get a shot is definitely better than trying to outwit him and just show up at the clinic without any warning. I’ve seen & heard about so many other kids who aren’t told ahead of time and they completely melt down…heck, so would I! But by talking about it, practicing with his own little medical kit, and being honest he’s able to take it all in and be “otay” with the idea before we get there, making appointments so much easier.

This weekend we’re going to take it easy. I’m not feeling the best and am just ready for some laziness after the excitement of last weekend. My birthday is tomorrow so I’m hoping I can get out of all diaper changes :)

Little picture love for you today…Gavin and his “bing” (bling).


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