Monday, February 14, 2011

We are still here!

I have definitely been slacking at getting up any blog posts lately. Still hard to believe that Gavin’s second birthday is over and done with. He definitely got spoiled with LOTS of toys, including a new train table and a John Deere tractor that he can drive around the block once the snow melts. On his actual birthday Casey and I brought him to the brand new Chuck E Cheese…it was a Monday, over lunch, and it was only us and a couple of other families! It was great not having to over worry about germs, letting him run around like a wild birthday boy, and watching him pick out a prize with all of his winning tickets!



This past weekend, we made a mini trip to the Mall of America. This was the first time we had brought Gavin with us since he was a baby…he was finally going to be able to ride more than just the carousel! Waiting in line was definitely not his most favorite part of the day, twice we almost made it on a ride only to be stopped by the attendant telling us we had to wait until the next cycle…umm yep, my two year old made it very clear that he wasn’t a fan yelling, “but it’s MY turn!!!!” I think I might have a buddy that will eventually ride the roller coasters with me, on each ride he kept asking my why they wouldn’t go any faster.


We did manage to get some shopping done, including some new shoes for Gavin (which he has worn every waking moment since)


We’ve been experiencing a February “heat wave” the last couple of days. Yesterday it got up to 45 degrees, two days prior we started off a day at –20. That’s a 65 degree change in two days…welcome to Minnesota weather!

But we are loving the warmth! We opened up the windows for awhile yesterday and today, allowing us to get that stale winter air up and outta here! What I don’t like? Is the DIRT. It is everywhere. I need to get out and take some pictures for those of you who don’t live with the snow. While we are all so excited to see the snow melt (we can see grass in our backyard!!!) no one is excited for the muck that comes with it. When the snowplows come through they scoop up not only the snow, but all the dirt & grime as well…so when the snow begins to melt, it reveals piles of “disgustingess”…all of which ends up inside & outside your car, on your shoes, the garage and all over our entry way floor. From now until…April?…I’ll be cleaning the floors daily…hooray.

But we’ve been able to get outside, have mini snowball fights with our neighbors (including one down my back by our neighbor Caleb), and realize that winter actually will come to an end.

Yesterday Gavin sang his very first song to me. Rock A Bye Baby. My dad created his own lyrics to the song when my brother and I were young

Rock A Bye Baby
On the treetop
When the wind blows
The cradle will…

And as you yell rock! you rock away with the little one in your arms…Gavin has always loved this, and out of the blue yesterday he started singing it over and over. Slow and gentle at the beginning, and LOUD and fast at the end shaking his whole body while he yelled rock, such a little ham. His personality is SO much fun these days! His favorite two sayings are “Oh my gosh!” and “Wow! Really cool!”


  1. Congrats on making it to 2! We are going to be joining the "2's" in April...Can't wait!

  2. Gav's last time to MOA must have been the time I saw you guys... he was so little then!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to an awesome little boy! Those precious pictures bring back memories of when I used to go to Chuck E Cheese! I'm glad he is doing good!