Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Where has time  gone? How have 3 1/2 years possibly flown by so quickly?

And let’s be honest – when Gavin was first born, and diagnosed with CF, I had this image of sickly kid. A kid always in the hospital. Always dealing with doctors. No sense of a “normal” life.

So needless to say, today was even more special. To have a reality check. That CF or not, our life is normal. Yes, he had to take his enzymes. Yes, we had to wake up early to get his treatments done. But man. The kid did it. And he did it with flying colors.

I am beyond proud.



And nothing made this mama prouder than a raving review from his teacher when I came to pick him up. And nothing made me happier than the running hug I received when he noticed me – followed by a big kiss and a “I missed you sooooo much mommy!”


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