Monday, March 16, 2009

Baptism & Family

Hello all! We've had a fairly busy last few days...well it seems like we're busy even if we only make it out of the house once a day! Ha! We brought Gavin to our regular pediatrician today to get some eye ointment (he has a blocked tear duct and we were worried about it being infected) and he weighs 10 1/2 pounds! Hooray!

Last Thursday evening, Casey and I had Gavin baptized in a private ceremony with just the three of us. We had him baptized at St. John's Lutheran Church in Maple Grove. This is the church where I grew up and my dad is buried. We will do a public ceremony sometime in April when more family will be available. Gavin did so well! He didn't cry once and when Pastor Briel held him, he just stared at him like who in the world is this and why is he putting water on my head?!?

Pastor Steven Briel

Yesterday, we headed out to Eagan to visit with some of my extended family. My dad's cousin Scott has tickets to the MN High School Hockey state tournament and flies in from Seattle each year to watch the events. Here, Gavin got to meet his Great-Grandma Vanderpool, Great-Uncle Bruce, Great-Great-Aunt Colleen along with several other members of the family. He was very well behaved and was only fussy when he got hungry, we are so lucky to have such an easy baby! We don't get together with this part of the family very often so it was good to see everyone and catch up!

Great-Grandma Vanderpool

Vanderpool/Spadacinni/Wilson Clan

Gavin becomes more and more alert each day! It is crazy how fast he has already grown! He has lost the majority of the hair he was born with. Well...he's lost the hair on top of his head but has kept it in the back so he's sporting somewhat of a mullet! As they say, business up front and party in the rear! Here are some new pictures...

Here are a couple of short video clips!

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