Sunday, March 22, 2009

Mall of America

We decided to venture out yesterday and brought Gavin to the Mall of America for the first time! He did sleep through the entire adventure, but he got some new clothes :) Including his first "golfing" hat. The hat size is 3-6 months so I'm not sure how Casey is planning to have a golf club in his hands by then, but we'll see. Casey and I are starting to come to terms with Gavin's CF. There have been many tears and some difficult days but we remind ourselves to think of the positives. Our son can see, hear, talk and will someday be able to walk, run and swim. So many kids out there never have those opportunities. Some parents of CF kids become anal about germs and don't bring their kids places, but we have decided that we cannot try to live in a bubble, this kid needs to learn to live and enjoy life. I'm sure that we will always be more cautious with germs than others especially once he starts putting everything in his mouth, but kids are kids and kids get sick. We'll just have to learn to deal with it. Our doctors have told us that this does not affect his immune system, he will be able to fight off germs like any other kid, we just need to watch for some lingering symptoms so we can get him on preventative meds right away to prevent and infections from occurring.

Thanks so much for the donations raised for our walk so far! Please keep those donations coming! We NEED a cure or better treatments for our precious little man, and all the other kids out there affected with CF, before its too late!

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