Friday, July 1, 2011

Catching Up

I have started a new blog post about a dozen times – each time I’ve been interrupted by kids, the phone…life. So here we go, trying to catch up on the last couple of weeks!

We’ve made funny faces through the patio door windows
- dirty windows just means the house is loved!



Dug out a dead bush with Daddy


Painted masks with Crayola Paint Brush Pens –
seriously a genius idea on their part, no mess!

IMG_5918 IMG_5923 

The lack of sunshine has slowed our garden – but the constant rain
kept them fed!

IMG_5927 IMG_5928  IMG_5930

Examined everything in our yard with a magnifying glass

IMG_5935 IMG_5941 IMG_5944


We dealt with weeks of rain by puddle jumping

bootsboots 2
boots 3boots 4


His new obsession – taking pictures with his mama



Eating pizza with the necessary army helmet-thanks Caleb! 



Hours and hours of playing Lucky Duck


And getting out his mower to help Daddy is a must.

 mowing 1mowing 2
mowing 3
mowing 4


We’ve been so busy enjoying summer (that has finally arrived – hello sunshine, high temps and humidity!)
that wedding planning continuously fell to the bottom of the priority list
– and that decision will kick my butt for the next week or so :)


  1. what a happy bunch of pictures... seriously.. could gav be ANY cuter?? I love the masks and we too are fans of the crayola paintable markers... LOVE THEM.. but we go through them so fast because ale hasn't gotten the whole brushing stroke down just the press as hard as you can and color one...
    One more week Jen!!

  2. All these pictures are really precious. My favorite is his new thing, taking pictures with his mama. Very sweet!