Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The weekend recap.

I had the best weekend of my life.

I still can’t believe that it’s over, that we’re finally married, and that somehow I’m supposed to go back to “normal” life now!

As my best friend Sarah so lovingly stated, “Jen you’re so anal about details that I know it will turn out perfectly.” And that it did :) Not one thing went wrong!

The partying started on Thursday when Margaux and Jamie came into town. They are both CF mamas, and I had never met either one face to face. It was so surreal walking around downtown with them, but I loved it! And Jamie was the most active 8 month pregnant lady I have ever met in my life, she was wearing shoes I can’t wear right now! We headed out to a local restaurant patio and enjoyed each other’s company before the true craziness began!

CF mamas

Friday morning began bright & early. Casey told everyone that I had never woken up that early in the entire five years we’ve been together. Ha! But I wanted to get those last minute tasks done before Gavin woke up, and I did, I had everything completed by 7:45 am. And from that point on I just enjoyed the time – and like many warned me, it flew by so quickly. I was once again spoiled rotten with an awesome shower, surrounded by friends and family. My mother’s maiden name is Heise, and there are depression era glassware sets that are highly collectible with the same name. My grandmother gave me the first Heise glass she ever bought, a six piece plate set. Several other family members gave me matching pieces to that set, and I was also given many household goods. Between all of my shower gifts and our wedding gifts, our house is overflowing!

After a beautiful rehearsal

bride 6 

We filled our bellies with some Mexican food at a fantastic groom’s dinner. It was so fun to be able to socialize with everyone before the chaos of the wedding reception!

 cf mamas 3 CF mamas, plus my MOH – all became instant friends!


Saturday morning began at my friend Erin’s hair salon, Ooh La La, with bagels, fruit and mimosa's provided by the best maid of honor ever, my cousin Lacey. Not only is she my cousin – she is also like a sister to me, and one of my best friends.

hair 2
hair 4
hair 3
hair 5

Once hair was completed, we headed back to my home to finish getting ready before heading off to the church. Putting on my dress & getting some time to hang out with my bridesmaids/friends before the ceremony was a time I’ll never forget!

bride 4
bride 2

From that point on – everything moved so quickly. We had a fantastic ceremony – and yes, Casey and I totally high fived when he pronounced us husband and wife. The bridal party hit up a party bus where we took more pictures and overtook a local bar before heading to the reception. The reception was a riot, and I was thrilled to have all of our family & friends in one location having a blast. The photog and other friends took many pictures of the reception, once I get those arranged I will post them here – but here’s a couple that made me smile!

 wedding day 6
reception 2


  1. This is so beautiful and it made me smile so big!! I am so happy for you guys and so happy it went off with out a hitch.. but your hitched (hehe)-- bad joke...

  2. Looks like a wonderful weekend. Congrats to you! Love all the funny pictures and (beautiful ones too). PS: you looked fabulous! :)

  3. That last picture is SOOOO funny! Congrats again, Jen. You certianly made a beautiful bride!

  4. Congrats! So happy you were able to enjoy so many wonderful memories!

  5. Congratulations--you look so beautiful! And how fun that you got to meet up with Jamie and Margaux (I know who they are because I designed their blogs : ) ).

    If you want me to design your blog I will work with you on price--I could do the basic one for free-consider it a congratulations : )

    I could use the advertisement and I love having so many in the CF community with my blog designs! : )

    Take Care and congrats again--email me if you are interested in my offer: