Thursday, July 21, 2011


We survived a major heat wave! Not only was it in the upper 90s, but the humidity was at 82% and above – leaving us with a heat index of 119 degrees! Yikes & no thank you mother nature!

This is what my windows looked like in the morning…


Just stepping outside made you feel like you were dripping in sweat. To top it off, two days ago our smoke alarms started going off – for seemingly no reason at all. Of course – it was during naptime and all of the kids were dead asleep. This resulted in a 6 month old, a 14 month old, and a 2 year old waking up and screaming at the top of their lungs out of exhaustion & fear. I couldn’t get the alarms to turn off, and because I run a daycare I figured it was better to be safe than sorry. I brought the kids outside – ugh, in the heat – and called the general police line to tell them the problem. Umm – they sent not one, not two, but THREE full sized fire trucks, an EMT and a third vehicle. Even after explaining to the lady who answered the phone that there wasn’t any smoke/fire and that I just needed someone to walk through my house – our street was filled with emergency vehicles. As the neighborhood kids poured into the street trying to figure out what all the excitement was about, I ran the daycare kids to the neighbors to get them back into air conditioning (thank you Kim!). Just standing there, I was doused in sweat – the poor fireman who stayed to walk through my home were in their full gear – cannot imagine how hot that was! Luckily – they believed that the alarms went off because of the extreme heat &  humidity and we were cleared to go back into our home.

I’d be a-ok with that not happening during daycare hours – much less nap hours – ever again!

Because wading pools are not allowed at daycares in Minnesota – we don’t have ours out much anymore. But earlier this week when the kiddos went home early we pulled it out and put it on the deck. The patio umbrella worked perfectly to shade Gavin’s hang out area and we blissfully survived the heat for thirty minutes in cold “pool” water!

Just like the winter months – I have to get creative with finding indoor activities when the weather is too extreme for much outdoor activity. Luckily, Target’s dollar section is full of educational fun right now, and I found this alphabet bingo game. I replaced the lightweight cardboard playing pieces with pennies and the kiddos have really enjoyed this game a ton. I tend to just called out a letter, as they aren’t quite at an age to solve the puzzles on the game cards – but even my two year old caught on to the concept quickly!



Last night we went to a juggling show downtown – Gavin loved it but this was the only picture he “allowed” me to take


Welp – guess his days of loving the camera & posing are coming to an abrupt end.

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  1. Sad! You know I heard about other peoples smoke detectors going off as well during the heat wave. So weird. I wouldn't know what to do with all those people showing up. Especially when you told the operator the deal. Glad everything worked out though!