Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Night Out

Last night, our neighborhood celebrated national night out at our home. With a block as social as ours – it wasn’t long before our driveway was filled with people. Sweaty people. Yikes, was it humid!

In typical potluck style, the tables were quickly covered with an arrangement of different foods.

By registering with the national program, the local emergency crews “may” show up – and because our neighborhood has gatherings all summer long, I really wanted something that would stand out from the other parties. So, I contacted the police department by email and apparently nagged him enough because low and behold…



We got not only a large fire truck, but a police car as well. They were all great – the kids had a blast checking out the cop car, and they all commented on how uncomfortable the back seat was - hopefully more of a deterrent to keep them out of the backseat in the future!


The firemen showed everyone the inside of the truck – as well as all of the tools on the outside. At first Gavin was hesitant to get close to such a large vehicle – but in the end he sobbed as they pulled away.

We sure are blessed to have such fantastic neighbors!

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