Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Growing Up is Hard to Do

Slowly but surely, nearly all the “babyness” has left my little guy and he’s turned into a full blown kid.

He is quick witted, can tell a funny joke and knows how to get himself out of trouble with a funny phrase or look on his face. While he still needs a snuggle from his mama every now and then, we’re enjoying this new stage of parenting.

Gavin is well into potty training and the only time he wears a diaper now is at nighttime. The other day I forgot to change him back into his diaper before a nap, he stayed dry, so that was that, no more diapers during naps – cannot WAIT to stop buying diapers! I obviously have the necessary parenting pictures of him sitting on the potty – but  I can spare him the embarrassment of posting them online. I’ve never laughed so hard as the day he sat on the potty deep in thought with his LeapPad – apparently the need to do something while doing your business begins at an early age for boys (and I’m pretty sure this is the only time men multi-task ha!).

He’s also getting more accustomed with his new hockey skates. While he is still timid on the ice, his interest in growing up and playing for the Gophers & the Wild is beginning to trump any trepidations.



We’ve also received the snow that Gavin was anxiously waiting for – several more inches than the pictures below. And whether he has been watching his daddy use the snow blower from a distance (he cannot wait to “grow up and snow blow!”)

watching Daddy

Or if he’s been out helping his daddy shovel (I swear I help too!)


The kid is just plain psyched to have all the fun stuff to play in!


Still cannot believe that we’re only a couple of weeks away from him turning three. Time flies when you’re having fun!

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