Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Welcome 2012!

So I’m a few days late to welcome in the New Year, but I still cannot believe that 2012 has already arrived. I feel like I blinked and the holidays were over. It didn’t help that I got the awful stomach bug going around just a couple days before Christmas and then Casey getting it on New Years Day. Luckily Gavin never got it – and he had a blast hanging out with his cousins while they were in town


While I was sick in bed, Gavin got to head out on the ice for his first time on skates. He was a little hesitant as his “skates were toooooo big”
(which they were) and the ice was “too slippery!” (duh) but he went out there for the first of many times to come!

Skating 1

And for those of you who noticed the figure skates, no worries – kid just got hooked up with an early birthday present from Grandma & Grandpa Groettum – his first pair of hockey skates! He is beyond excited to get out on the ice again!

hockey skates

If you haven’t caught on. The kid is OBSESSED with hockey. Talks about it constantly. Plays it constantly. Watches it on tv constantly. It has become an evening ritual for a hallway game to begin between dad & son…and it’s an extra bonus when Gavin pulls out his rain boots (which he pretends are skates) and football helmet.

hockey in hallway

And if that wasn’t enough – lucky kid gets to hang out with his grandpa right in the action during our local high school games

ice arena

The kid is only two, but already has some major Spartan pride. Guess if we ever move we better stay close to make sure he ends up going to school there!

Also during the holiday break, we took Gavin to see Sesame Street Live. We had second row seats and I don’t think Gavin has ever sat still for that long in his life! He loved the action – but made sure the characters didn’t get too close for comfort :)


Gavin’s other love is “construction work.” Every object can easily turn into a “bammer” (hammer) and when he got a construction guy costume (Melissa and Doug) that came with tools as well as the necessary safety goggles – he was psyched! I let him bang/saw away at a couple pieces of styrofoam from another gift – only to later regret it as I tried to vacuum up a countless number of styrofoam fragments.


I seriously cannot believe that he will be three in just a few weeks. While he still likes to snuggle up with his mama, he’s getting to be such a big boy. He’s funny as heck, talks non stop (wonder where he got that trait from…) and is such a big helper around the house. He is in underwear all day at home – and only wears diapers at night or if we’re busy running around since he has a fear of public toilets – but don’t we all to some extent! :) Last night he informed Casey and me that he would be reading us our nighttime story…



For now I’m going to spend the remainder of naptime at our house enjoying the fresh air…yes, fresh air in January. In Minnesota. It’s 50 degrees here and the windows are open. SO surreal. But looks like today is the end of the warm streak so I’ll live it up while I can.

with mama

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  1. Looks like (besides the flu bugs) you guys had a great holiday. I know it's so nice out, too bad I've been cooped up at my desk all day and it won't be sunny out any more when I leave here!