Thursday, August 26, 2010

County Fair

While we were “gone” we visited the local county fair.

The best part? It was pretty quiet, so Gavin was able to run around on his own. This was a major hit, especially in the animal barns!

Gavin is a huge animal lover. Slightly obsessed would be a better way to describe it. If one of the neighbor dogs is getting walked past our house? Gav man sprints across the front lawn to give him a big hug, receiving a kiss in return.

So, needless to say, he nearly had a heart attack when he saw those big buildings filled with all sorts of farm animals.


Getting as close as those darn gates would let him!


Weird…Gavin trying to boss somebody some animal around :)

And yes…he attempted to hug this goat :)


Not only were there animals…but like any Minnesota county fair…shiny tractors were lined up in rows luring in the farmers (and those with yards bigger than ours!)


Gav was enthralled by the mini midway…he couldn’t stop staring at the fast spinning, bright lights flashing, rides. Luckily, he didn’t realize that he could possibly ride them, since he still is a little too short to get on any of them!


That will be a battle for next year :)

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