Friday, August 27, 2010

Flash Me! Friday

Interested in what everyone else lives like?

Curious to see where others live, but don’t feel comfortable asking?

Want to take a peek into your friend’s home….who lives across the country?

Then join along in our weekly blog hop!

This week's flash....your dishes!

Now I’m sure that some of you will have some uber cool, fashionable eatery. Some of you will have some antique wear with a great story…


We have plain white plates/bowls :)


But there is a story behind them. Casey and I were using old chipped up plates for a couple of years, and we never bought another set because we could never agree on a pattern…shape…or color.

So for Christmas last year, my mom took things into her own hands and bought us new dishes. In white. Nothing to argue about there!

But the little guy in our life? All of his dishes are multi-colored :)


And as you can see in our kitchen cupboard…besides the basic plates/bowls…everything else is colorful!


But…it’s another idea for the future wedding registry…a fancy dancy, colorful set!


  1. I love this idea - I wish I had known it was coming! I think I have some shots on my computer that I may be able to link up a bit later! I'm now following so I can be sure to link up next week for sure!

  2. I have an idea for a future FMF: what you had for breakfast that morning! A bagel? A Slimfast? An apple? An egg? A 4 course gourmet sampler? I think it would be fun to see :)