Tuesday, August 3, 2010

We’re back!

And I’m still tired. Yesterday I felt like crap and Gavin and I didn’t even get out of pjs until 4 pm!

We arrived at the cabin Friday night (the 23rd) and on Saturday morning Gavin decided to keep us on our toes. He got stung by a wasp (on his pointer finger) a half hour after waking up…


Then, my mom let him play with the phone and yes…he called 911…and left the phone off of the hook so the operator couldn’t call the number back. So yes, the sheriff showed up at our door to make sure everything was a-ok.

Luckily, those were the only issues of the getaway!

We spent a lot of time out on the boat…


And once he got his hands on the wheel, no one else was allowed to touch it. If I tried to I was immediately pushed away with a “NO! Mama!”

captain Gavin

We played in the dirt…

diggingplaying with mom

Did some work around the house…


Played in the water…

playing in sand

Threw rocks…

throwing rocks

Posed for the camera…



Chilled with Daddy…

with daddy

And hung out with lots of family…

whole family


It was a great time, and it’s always great to be at the cabin for an extended period of time. (Especially when the heat index at home was 105 and it was 80 with no humidity at the lake!)

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