Tuesday, May 17, 2011

It started out so peaceful…

It was a beautiful Monday. Not a cloud in the sky, just a slow & easy breeze, and temps in the mid 70s. With this mama slowed down by her knee, I needed an activity to keep Gavin occupied without much (if any) assistance needed from me.

So I got him some water and a foam craft brush, and he set out to “paint” the sidewalk and driveway.


Before long, the neighborhood kids began walking home from school, and lately our front yard has become quite the hangout after 3:30. While some of the kids stopped by to help Gavin with his art, Gavin quickly learned that if he flung his brush, water sprayed everywhere – quickly starting a water fight. Someone ran and got more brushes, and the chaos began

water fight 1
water fight 2
water fight 4
water fight 3

All of the kids had an absolute blast, and unlike a water balloon fight there weren’t any broken balloon pieces needing to be picked up!

Best part of all? I was able to enjoy the fun from a dry lawn chair, camera in hand!


  1. How cute is that! And a spot in the lawn chair sounds fabulous! If it ever gets warm enough here to even be outside!

  2. How fun! And what a good idea...no balloon pieces. I think you are onto something!

  3. Oh my gosh, we were "painting" today too! It is one of my favorite past times from child hood.

  4. How cute. He looks like he is having so much fun! I think i would have fun doing that too-LOL!!