Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Fun

We lucked out and had fairly good weather for our Memorial day getaway! While it wasn’t 90 degrees like this time last year, we enjoyed weather in the 60s and 70s – perfect spring cabin weather! Gavin had little if any memory of the cabin from last summer, but on Saturday morning he woke up and asked me when we were going fishing :)

Speaking of waking up, this weekend he slept in a big boy bed at the cabin for the first time ever! On Thursday afternoon I told him that in his bedroom up north there is a crib and a real bed, and asked him which he’d rather sleep in. He jumped up and down and yelled for the big boy bed. He did fantastic! He was so tired when we got up there on Friday night that he just passed out & I knew he wouldn’t attempt to get up until morning. But on Saturday he slept in the bed for a long nap, and slept in it at night without one single issue. It was a little heart wrenching to actually tuck him into bed to sleep, my baby is officially all boy now (potty training here we come – that part of baby life I am ready to be rid of!)

The rule at our cabin is that all little ones have to wear a life jacket at all times if they are near the water. Luckily, Gavin loves to wear his – and actually gets upset to take it off. Good thing, because he has no fear. There were several times that I had to reach over and grab him, to prevent him from falling in fully dressed.

(since it was too cold for swimming/water fun the speed boat never made it in the
water – hence the empty boat lift!)


At one point in the morning, Gavin kept yelling, “I want to drive!” And I was totally confused, the speed boat wasn’t in the water – what in the world did he want to drive? And then I realized, he saw the boat lift and thought that it was a gigantic steering wheel



And just like his mama, Gavin loves to fish. For awhile we let him play with an adult sized fishing rod, but then dug out his child sized one. Funny enough, his never had any fishing line in it, but he still “fished” all weekend!


We fish for crappies (pronounced craw-pees) off of our dock, it’s actually one of the best “fishing holes” on our lake and we tend to use minnows for bait. Every time I’d reel my line in, Gavin would exclaim, “Wow, you caught a fish Mommy!” when he saw my minnow on my hook :)

For a good part of the afternoon, Gavin hauled around his two new friends in a bucket and taunted them with a shovel, trying to scoop them out.


IMG_5620 IMG_5621


It isn’t tough to figure out why we found a tick on Gavin during dinner on Sunday when you see what he plays in while we’re up there. He loves crawling through the woodpiles, digging in the sand, and sneaks into the woods when we aren’t paying attention.


This is a kid that loves the outdoors. I am considering taking him on a brief camping trip this summer – if we can find the time! We will be out of town (or busy getting married, ha!) nearly every weekend until August! Once upon a time I was afraid that Cystic Fibrosis would take this kind of fun out of our lives, but we win again! While it takes a little more planning & preparing, we will continue to enjoy the Minnesota outdoors! Get used to the back seat CF, you’re going to be stuck there for a long, long time!

Since Gavin did so well in a twin bed this weekend, I decided to ignore his demands to stay in his crib and changed it into a toddler daybed when he was busy playing with Daddy. After an initial freak out, he was so excited to be able to get in and out of his bed all on his own. He even asked me to go get my camera to take pictures!


Once again, he stayed in his bed the entire night – I actually had to wake him up this morning.


As much as I love long weekends, its hard to get back to the real life on Tuesdays. The daycare kids (including Gav) are cranky and naughty, I’m cranky and I need five o’clock to get here so I can relax in the sunshine with a beer :)

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