Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Time is flying by…

I cannot believe that we’re already halfway through the month of May. Lately, I feel like every time I blink a week has gone by.

In typical Minnesota spring fashion we’ve been dealing with a day of freezing rain immediately followed by a summer like, 80 degree sprinkler kind of day.

sprinkler fun

We’ve been busy with daycare and planning our wedding. This last weekend Casey’s sister and son, Grant, came into town for some wedding festivities.  But let’s be honest, the boys were clueless about anything “wedding” going on, they were just happy to be able to spend some playtime together!

 IMG_5487 IMG_5490

Between our house & Casey’s parents home there are some large, rolling hills. One road, which Gavin has dubbed the “Wee! Road” gives our little guy the feeling of riding his own roller coaster, all while he’s safely buckled up in his car seat. He knows exactly where this road is, and melts down if we don’t drive on it. He’s also learned how to throw his arms in the air yelling, “Wee!” while we ride up and down the hills.


I was able to enjoy a weekend filled with activities, first on Friday I was spoiled with a beautiful wedding shower

shower 1 shower 2 shower 1

And on Saturday I was once again spoiled with a fantastic bachelorette party, downtown Minneapolis.

bach party

After a night of dancing – and yes some adult drinks, but no one went over the top – I was standing and talking to my cousin, and Maid of Honor, and my knee gave out on me, dislocating on my way to the floor. I have had knee surgery in the past, but never really struggled with any major issues following it – I guess this mom who normally lives in flip flops/sneakers is no longer able to rock some snazzy high heels all night on the dance floor anymore. The fall resulted in a pretty horrific looking knee, but I promise that it looks much, much worse than it actually feels. And per the doc, I should be ready to go by the wedding, whew!



I’ve now spent the last three days holed up on the couch, trying my best to hang out with Gavin while simultaneously nursing my injury. At least it gave me plenty of downtime to send out thank you cards, and our wedding invites!

IMG_5509 Just seven weeks to go!

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