Monday, May 23, 2011

Raindrops and Rays of Sunshine

I don’t know what it is about weekends where very little is planned, they always seem to end up being some of our busiest times!

This past Saturday, Casey and I spent eight hours at our church in a pre-marital class with four other couples. Some was very beneficial, a lot was definitely geared toward the typical, “we met a year ago” engaged couple who hadn’t really lived “life” with another person before. And in our class of five couples, four of us had been together a fairly long time, two of us already had children, and one was on a second marriage. So…it was a long day. But we did it, we learned from it, and we will be getting a discount on our marriage license :) Just forty some odd days to go!

It was an odd weekend, weather wise. It went from torrential rains/storms…

rain 1IMG_5529rain 2

catching raindrops

rain 3

trying to catch some raindrops on the tip of his tongue


…to warm, sunny weather in the blink of an eye

car 3car 1
car 2

On Saturday night our neighborhood gathered outside to celebrate a beautiful evening, and Gavin ran around with the big kids until nearly 10:30 at night. Did he sleep in any longer on Sunday morning?  Of course not – but he slept for well over 12 hours last night and will hopefully take a long nap today – because he is one crabby kid today!

We lucked out and missed all of the major storms that came through our state…but we wouldn’t mind one major hailstorm. We’re going to need a new roof in the next couple of years, and a hailstorm would allow us to complete the task through insurance vs our own pocketbooks :) We also installed some pretty major shelving in our garage (yay!) but because of the storms rolling through yesterday we had to rush to shove stuff around to get our van inside and haven’t gotten a chance to get everything as organized as we’d like…pictures to come once that task is complete!

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  1. This is kind of Gavin's "thing" right? Catching rain drops. I recall and older post where he was doing the same thing. Haha, what does he do with the ones he catches?