Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Record Highs

Yesterday, the temps hit record highs. I heard a neighbor announce that their thermometer read 95 degrees. It’s not even June yet people! Two weeks ago we were bundled up in coats & hats visiting the zoo!

Not only was it hot, but it was humid. Typical Minnesota summer weather.

Great for most of us to be outside in shorts and t-shirts, but a little more complicated for a one year old with CF.

Because his body does not reabsorb any salt, he is at higher risk for dehydration. So, unlike other kids that can run around, get sweaty and revamp with a glass of water…it takes a little more precaution on our end.

It includes, adding more salt to his diet (he’ll willingly eat spoonfuls of salt & applesauce, no joke)  and keeping Gatorade on hand to replenish those lost electrolytes. Gosh, he loves the stuff :)

But, even with the heat, I have a little one who cannot stand to be cooped up inside. One who consistently stands at the front door yelling until you head outside.

So, out came the wading pool. I filled it up while he was napping, so the water would warm up a little bit.

We weren’t outside for 10 seconds when Gavin’s eyes lit up. He had never seen this pool before, but he sure knew what to do!


I’ve never met a kid who loves the water more than  he does…


Before long, I realized that my fair skin boy was in desperate need of a hat…


Which was ripped off and thrown into the pool almost immediately.

So out came my favorite style of hat for little ones…

the big floppy kind.


The kind where little faces are barely visible…


The kind that keep my fair skinned, blue eyed boy protected from the sun’s strong rays…


The kind that just make your heart melt from the overwhelming levels of cuteness


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