Saturday, May 1, 2010

We walked today…

and I promise I’ll share those pictures soon :)

But first….guess what came in the mail?


For any of you mom’s out there who have a child who needs daily inhaled medication via a nebulizer…you can see how amazing this idea is. The nebulizer made for little ones comes with flimsy elastic that does NOT hold it up to their face for more than two seconds.

Then Ronnie introduced me to this.

Waalaah! Perfection!

Gavin can now do his treatments all by himself! This is a major step for us.



Entranced by Yo Gabba Gabba


He refuses to sit still if Mickey AND his blankie aren’t right there with him


I have such a brave little big boy!

Want one for your child? Please visit Mktdesigns on by clicking HERE


  1. I love this!!! I can't wait until we get one too! Thanks for the pictures! It's great to see it works!

  2. So precious! My little girl won't do anything without her Taggie blanket.

  3. Oh if Jax didn't have a trach we would so be buying that!

  4. Loving this post! So happy to see you got it!