Friday, May 21, 2010

Flash Me! Friday

Want to take a peek into someone else's life? Get nosy without being impolite?

Then join along with us in our weekly Friday blog hops!

This week…show us the bathroom you use most often.

Well, I for sure win the most boring bathroom award. But my excuse is, we’ve only been here for six days.

The picture I plan to hang, is resting on the toilet, I can’t decide on a paint color (any suggestions?) and oooh how I hate that floor!

But the storage…oh the storage. With Casey putting all of his stuff in a downstairs bathroom (I guess my stuff takes up too much room!) I have more storage for my stuff, and Gavin’s than I know what to do with


Bet you can’t guess which towel is Gavin’s!


This is clean for me for my bathroom countertop. But then again, I’m only 6 days in…if you were to take a look in another six days you’d see a giganto mess of hair products, make up etc.


Looking forward to seeing your bathrooms!


  1. I am VERY impressed that you even have a picture picked out to hang up in there!!! I have been in my house for over 3 years and have yet to hang pictures in my bathroom..You go girl with you bad self!!!! :)

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