Friday, May 28, 2010

Flash Me! Friday

Want to take a peek into someone else's life? Get nosy without being impolite?

Ever wonder...

  • What does their laundry room/family room/garage look like?

  • Do they make their bed every morning?

  • Is my house cleaner or messier than theirs?

Then join us in our weekly, Flash Me! Fridays! Just add your posts URL to the link at the bottom to join along!

This week’s flash…YOUR FRIDGE! (sorry, I forgot to post the topic last night!)

Once again, the recent move has saved my butt. I have been so busy painting, that I haven’t even unpacked that box that contains our zillion magnets and pictures that are typically covering the fridge from top to bottom.


(notice the salt? yep, totally the house of a CFer!)

We’ve only had a couple weeks to shove our fridge (which I 100% hate) full of forgotten leftovers. So today, it’s relatively clean

Noodles leftovers from last night’s dinner. You will always find salsa around our house. I am a huge lover of Mexican food & Casey loves to snack on chips & salsa.


The “adult” shelf. Bud light bottles for Casey…oversized Mike’s Hard Lemonade cans for me. (There might be other adult beverages hiding in the freezer…)


Immediately after snapping the pictures, I threw the blue-topped tupperware contents in the trash. It’s leftover Mexican rice that’s two weeks old. Just the beginning of the many “forgotten” leftovers to come!


So what does your fridge look like? Did you find any surprises?


  1. I want to move!!! Your fridge is so organized. =)

  2. I love your flash me Friday's! I guess that now I need to make a blog :)