Thursday, May 13, 2010

Flash Me Friday!

Starting tomorrow, every Friday I’ll be hosting a “Flash Me! Friday” blog hop. (soon, I’ll even have a fun new logo for it!)

What is a blog hop, you ask? You’ll notice at the bottom of each Friday post there will be a bunch of links listed on a tool called, “MckLinky.” Here, other bloggers can link up and share their own Flash Me! Friday post. Therefore, you can hop from blog to blog to see what ideas fellow blog hoppers have on the same exact topic.

So, what is Flash Me! Friday, you ask? In the past, I’ve realized that

  • many of us “clean” up quickly so that the background of posted pictures makes it appear that we live in perfectly clean/organized homes.
  • the styles of homes across the country are awesomely different
  • everyone wonders if how they live is the norm…am I messier? cleaner? average?
  • we all love to be nosy…ie digging around in other people’s medicine cabinets!

So, how to politely be nosy take a quick glimpse into someone else’s life? Each week, I’ll randomly draw out “something” we’ll all be taking a picture of. Whether it’s your laundry room, inside your fridge, your bed (made…unmade?) etc. Each blog hop participant will take an unedited picture of that week’s topic. There will be NO cleaning/preparing the area for the picture, you have to take it as is. No one’s will be perfect!

The rules?

  2. Must link back to my blog in your post
  3. Must use the exact blog posts URL in the linky tool, not just the URL for your general blog

Feel free to join in, invite others, and get creative! Here’s to some fun hopping around!


Take an exterior picture* of where you live. Whether it’s the front of your house, just your front door, your apartment/townhome complex, your RV…wherever you live, take a picture!

Let’s see how different our homes look!


*Make sure to blur out/erase your address numbers for your own personal safety!

*I hope to have a fun, new logo for this soon!


  1. Okay I thought I was pretty literate at this stuff but undoubtedly NOT! Where is the "MckLinky" tool? I found your blog from Ronnie and would love to participate!


  2. Hi! I think this Flash Me Friday sounds fun. I saw this on Ronnie's blog. What exactly do I need to do to participate. I did read above, but I am not 100% sure. Thanks!