Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Still here!

We are still here, sorry for the lack of posts lately!

While we were supposed to move into our new place on Friday, the previous owners kept pushing off the closing time to later & later throughout the day so we were left in limbo. As the time hit nine p.m. we gave up hope that we’d be doing a final walk through that day and started the moving process bright and early Saturday morning.

The biggest problem, we now only had one day (Sunday) for the two of us to unpack what had been moved on Saturday. So I’ve been trying to unpack, paint & organize while simultaneously keeping Gavin happy so Casey doesn’t have to take any time off of work.

In other words, I’ve had my hands full!

Most of the moving day went smoothly, but a couch that we had planned to have in the basement couldn’t make the sharp right turn at the bottom of the stairs (this is all I could think of) so we ended up buying a new sectional. Our flat screen tv also took a hit, but is still usable, so once we recover from the costs of moving we’ll be getting that fixed/replacing it.

But for now, I’ve been busy painting so that we can move the rest of our belongings out of the garage. The previous owners had a…well…interesting sense of design and I cannot wait to get all of their tastes out of the house and to bring ours in.

I can’t wait to share before & afters with all of you, but don’t expect those until at least the weekend!

I will say, we cannot believe that we lasted so long not having a fenced in backyard. It is so nice being able to just open the back door to let the dog out, and for Gavin to have a place to safely run around.

We also are on a cul-de-sac so no through traffic, no fast cars, no huge issue with safety for all the neighborhood kids to run around and play. In a small world story, we know our next door neighbors who have an eight year old boy that Gavin thinks is the bees knees :)

We’ve also learned that on Saturday nights, all of the neighbors on our street gather together and enjoy a few drinks alongside a fire pit while the kids play together (or get put to bed!) Can’t wait to just relax and get to know everyone…and for Gavin to meet & idolize all the other “big” kids!

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