Monday, May 24, 2010

Broken rules

On Saturday evening we broke a rule.

We let Gavin stay up way past his bedtime.

It was a beautiful evening, the neighbors were all outside and none of us could drag ourselves inside for even a minute to put him in his crib.


And then, for the first time…

Gavin noticed the moon.


But the funniest part? He had no idea what the moon is/was. He kept yelling, “bawl, bawl, bawl!”

I’m not sure if he ever believed us that the moon might look like a ball, but isn’t one…yet, by the end of the evening he was pointing at it yelling “mooooooo!”


And if you’re wondering…no Gavin did not sleep in any later than normal on Sunday, wishful thinking I guess!


  1. We just bought those same jammies for Jax! But he will probably outgrow them before its warm enough to wear them!

  2. That is SO sweet! Can't wait again until Asa is that age where he is doing things like that. I feel like i keep saying that on your blog :)