Monday, July 26, 2010

Deals, Deals, Deals

For those of you who know me, or follow my blog, you know that I love a great craigslist/sale/thrift store deal. Especially when it comes to stuff for Gavin!

Many of you will probably remember these chairs from elementary school…


A few weeks back I picked up four of them for two bucks apiece. Then, last week on craigslist I found a posting for a child sized table for five dollars…

After a little spray paint which I already had on hand (I’ve only completed 2 of the 4 chairs) Gavin has his own table set for a whopping fifteen bucks!

IMG_1866(thinking about painting the table black, what do you think?)

And when I went to pick  up the table, she threw in this easel for free!


That same week I stopped in at Once Upon a Child to see if they had any baby gates in stock (still need one for our deck). They didn’t, but they did have this kitchen for fifteen dollars!

The washer and dryer make realistic noises, the iron makes a steaming sound, the phone rings, and the stove sounds like it is starting right up. I stopped by Toys R Us and picked up some pretend food and Gavin is in heaven.

So yes, Gavin does have a lot of stuff to play with…but I rarely pay full price for anything so my guess is that I’ve gotten at least three times the amount of stuff we’d otherwise be able to afford!


  1. This is awesome! RIs craigslist don't have nearly as many good things like this!

  2. I've just started with Craigslist. We have our local online classifieds that I've gotten many deals from. Mostly furniture for Jax and now Makayla!

  3. That is awesome! nothing like a great deal especially for kids. Love the kitchen and washer and dryer so cute!

  4. I think you should keep the table white. But you can always change your mind! I love CraigsList. I was just messaging people about items for Victoria.
    Keep up the bargain hunting!