Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Last week we were busy!

We all went to the Twins game…which was our first visit to their new stadium, Target Field

target field signstadium 6twins sign nite
Minne & Paul
(they light up & shake hands for every Twins homerun)

with mauer statue
Grandma Groettum, Daddy & Gavin with
the Joe Mauer statue

golden glove 3
Our golden boy sitting in the golden glove

gpa and gavin
Grandpa Groettum & Gav

Contrary to this picture, Gav had a great time!
by this time it was late and he was spent!

  TC 6 
The mascot TC went out of his way to say hi to our boy!

Gavin’s cousins also came to town last week, but more on that later :)


  1. TC has the Pavano mustache! :-) This makes me smile. Baseball is good for the soul and I'm glad the Groettum Fam enjoyed the ballpark!

  2. Looks like a beautiful field! Wish we lived closer so we could go to games together :( or I wish tickets to Min were cheaper so we could come visit this summer!

  3. I love seeing pictures on your blog. We grew up in Grand Forks, and a few different parts of MN. Always brings me back when you post pictures, especially the Twins :).