Friday, July 16, 2010

Flash Me! Friday

Interested in what everyone else lives like?

Curious to see where others live, but don’t feel comfortable asking?

Want to take a peek into your friend’s home….who lives across the country?

Then join along in our weekly blog hop!

This week’s flash, your favorite piece of art in your home!

My favorite piece, I’ve had for 10 years, and it was done by my cousin Lacey.

I danced for 15 years at a studio in the Twin Cities, and it had become my life. For each of her cousin’s graduations, Lacey created an art piece that depicted that cousin’s favorite activity.

So I received…


ballet shoes.

And they have been hanging on a wall in each place I’ve lived ever since :)

So, what’s your favorite art piece? Is it a painting? Sculpture? Was it created by someone famous? Someone in your home?

Flash us your art!

** This week I’ve switched up the linky tool a little bit. It now gives you the opportunity to add a thumbnail picture to your link…like this idea? dislike this idea? let me know!


  1. What a neat piece! She is a talented artist!

  2. Yea! Summit! Seems like just yesterday doesn't it?

  3. As soon as we get back home I will start my Flash Me! Friday entries again!! I've LOVED everyone's posts!! This is such a fun idea!

  4. thanks jen, i love that you love that piece so much! ;)