Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lots o’ fun

All I had to do was say…

“Gavin, Grant & Morgan are at Grandma & Grandpa’s house, do you want to go see them?”

And he ran to the door and immediately began pulling on the door handle as if to say…LET’S GO LADY!

Remember this last year?

too little

Well, this year Gavin was able to join in on the fun as we stopped by the country club for their 4th of July festivities.


Along with jumping in the bounce house he…

did a lot of running around…

 hillhill 2
(did you notice Grant & Morgan rolling down the hill?)

acted silly with Daddy…

with daddy

wrestled with Morgan…


chowed down on some slushees…


and danced to the music…


We sure had a fantastic holiday…and yes, I am fully aware it was two weeks ago!


  1. Love that you have the last year AND this year pic!!!!

  2. I actually DO remember that picture from last year.... oh my how they really do grow up fast....

  3. I would so LOVE to roll down that hill. Of course my stomach would prob get in the way at this point. LOL. Gavin looks like he had a great time.