Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The snow

I know, I know, for those of you who don’t live in this state…you probably don’t understand why we can’t get over all this snow…I mean, it is Minne-snow-ta after all!

But, this is the most snow we’ve ever had, in this state, in the month of December, on record. And the most snow we’ve received in one storm since 1991. The blizzard that hit last weekend left us with another two feet of snow (on top of what we had from the previous snowstorm) and bitter cold weather. Yesterday, local schools were closed with the temps being in the negative digits, with wind chills of minus 35 and colder.

I shared these pictures on facebook, but this is a quick glimpse of our weekend


snowing 6
making snowballs

snowing 4
throwing snowballs…do you see it?

snowing 1
men at work

snowing 2
my favorite two guys

snowing 3

snow 4
the backyard

snow 1
the front yard

snow 2
neighbor snowblowing

snow 3
the drifts are the same height as full sized truck
(can you see the mailbox?)

We did venture out on Sunday evening, we couldn’t stand being stuck inside for any longer! Despite the statewide warnings of no travel, Target was crazy busy…typical Minnesotans ignoring those winter weather warnings! At times like this I am happy to spend extra money on gas for our large vehicles…we’ll leave the small economic cars to those of you who live in the south, they wouldn’t survive here!

We are supposed to get more snow this week, not sure where we’re supposed to put it! You can barely see our mailbox, we did our very best to clear the snow away to help out our mailman, but luckily he’s very understanding! And poor Louie is just miserable. We cleared areas in the backyard for him to meander through, but because it’s been bitterly cold he runs out, does his business as quickly as possible, and runs right back inside!

If it gets a bit warmer (like…above zero!), I plan on taking Gavin outside and putting him next to some of the drifts/snow piles that go far above his head!


  1. I love love love these pictures, where we live in England we hardly get any snow -see one of my blog posts for the pathetic amount we had in comparison to that amount!

    Keep them coming!!


  2. Wonder when the snow is gonna hit us in NJ, had a dusting this morning but nothing in comparison!

  3. We got stuck in Mankato for the weekend! It was crazy being so close to home, but unable to get there with 169 closing. It made for a memorable adventure!